Thursday, February 23, 2012

Borderlands 2 - Maya (Siren) skills from the trailer, etc.

So, I'm kinda obsessed with Borderlands. I don't think this is a surprise to anyone who knows me. It is the best of games and it will always be in my heart. Thus, I have been absorbing everything I can about Borderlands 2. I was reading an IGN article today about Maya, the Siren class, and it intrigued me. I don't think she'll be as wildly popular as Lilith was, but it might be interesting to build her as a dedicated healer with teammates more focussed on damage. Even using her solo could be pretty fun but I'll have to wait and see what kind of shenanigans her Phaselock bubble can get me out of (or into).

I decided to be a freak and take screenshots of each of the skills they show in the sexy new trailer but I am consoled by the fact that I'm probably not the first person to have done this by far.

Kinetic Reflection - Motion Tree - After killing an enemy you gain the ability to reflect enemy bullets sending them flying back toward your enemies. This effect lasts for a short time.
[This one sounds kind of neat but I could see it not being incredibly effective.]

Recompense - Harmony Tree - Taking Health damage has a chance to cause your Shields to instantly start charging. Also increases your Shield Recharge Rate.
[Would be extremely handy for a healer class and would likely be handy for others.]

Elated - Harmony Tree - While you have an enemy Phaselocked you and your friends Regenerate Health.
[Obviously this would be important/required for a heal build.]

Inertia - Motion Tree - Killing an enemy causes your Shields to quickly regerate and increases your Reload Speed for a few seconds.
[Meh. I dislike "killing an enemy" skills but that's because I play a lot of multiplayer. Would probably be nice for solo.]

Accelerate - Motion Tree - Increases Damage and Bullet Speed with all gun types.
[Pretty standard grab and as promised in the IGN article it's not gun type specific.]

Ward - Motion Tree - Improves your Shield Capacity and Shield Recharge Delay.
[Meh. Once you get to end game and find redonculous shields I don't use these types of skills much.]

Mind's Eye - Harmony Tree - Increases Critical Hit Damage and Melee Damage.
[Would have to see what other melee options she has. Melee Lilith was badass.]

Sweet Release - Harmony Tree - Killing an enemy who you currently have Phaselocked creates Life Orbs which automatically heal the party.
[This could be essential for a healing Siren, but it would depend on how the Life Orbs work. From the word "automatically" I'll assume for now it doesn't require running around and grabbing actual orbs.]

Wreck - Harmony Tree - While you have an enemy Phaselocked you gain increased Fire Rate and Damage with all gun types.
[This one depends on the build.]

Res - Harmony Tree - You can instantly revive a downed friend by using Phaselock on him/her.
[Essential for healer, and I would probably grab it if I ever planned on using her for multiplayer. Would be extremely useful with any group.]

That's all the ones I saw! It's possible I missed one, but I was trying to frame by frame pause button the video.

Here are the four characters that we'll be able to play. I am probably most excited for Zer0. Anyone who owns the Armory knows how frustrating it is to fight those bitch ass assassins and not be allowed to pick up their swords.

I'm not sure what order I'll play them in yet. As Gearbox gives out more info I'll probably have a better idea of which two I'll max out before starting the others. Slightly bummed there are only white characters, though I suppose Salvador could be considered Hispanic. However, that doesn't make me happier that they replaced my big black Roland with a white dude for the Soldier class. Axton has a lot to live up to!

One last thing from the that a Death Star?!