Friday, December 2

Important Notice Regarding your PopCap Information

This is not good news. This is not good news at all. I never would have expected PopCap to go to the dark side. For real though, why would they need EA? They must make a killing of their casual games!

Now every time you play Plants vs. Zombies you can rest easy knowing that the coconuts are tracking all your internet browser history and every program you open on your computer and watching you sleep at night from the end of your bed with those big wide watchful eyes.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: PopCap Games <>
Date: Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 9:13 PM
Subject: Important Notice Regarding your PopCap Information

Important Notice
PopCap is now a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (EA)! As part of this transition, no earlier than January 2, 2012, PopCap will be merging its product offerings and databases with those of EA. EA's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will thereafter govern any information you have provided to PopCap. To learn more about how PopCap will be making this transition, how the change will affect you, and to read EA's policies, click here.

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Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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